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12+ Best Competitive Coding Challenge Websites


12+ Best Competitive Coding Challenge Websites

When starting out as a beginner in programming, our focus often lies on grasping fundamental concepts and theoretical knowledge. However, as we progress in our learning journey, it becomes crucial to delve deeper into programming and strengthen our understanding. One effective approach to achieving this is through consistent practice and active participation in competitive coding challenges.

To assist you in your pursuit of coding excellence, we have curated a list of the most reputable websites dedicated to competitive coding, programming tutorials, and practice sessions. These platforms not only facilitate your progression from a beginner to an advanced level but also equip you with valuable skills for interview preparation and job acquisition.

01. CodeForces


Codeforces is one of the top competitive programming websites. It is very popular and provides good level competitive programming competitions where a lot of programmers across the world compete with each other. You can challenge other's solutions and can earn points through it, this is a slightly different concept from other websites.

There are problems that you can solve online to practice, but there’s no online editor. Rather, you write your solution in your own editor and then upload it to their system which then tests your code against a suite of test cases.

Codeforces has regularly conducted contests, every month they organize nearly 6 contests and participation is free.

Codeforces offers various types of coding challenges like Short format Contests [2 hours], Educational Contests[2-2.5 hours, 2-3 times/month ] etc.

02. Hackerank


HackerRank is a great, big and popular platform for competitive programming challenges. On HackerRank you can answer in a variety of programming languages, and like any other website, you can solve and submit all challenges directly online. They provide a discussion and leaderboard forum for every challenge. But at the moment you cannot see solutions from other users on HackerRank.

HackerRank organizes many programming competitions from time to time and many programmers are also given jobs from here. Apart from C, Java, Python, Ruby, you can also solve problems of Algorithms, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, etc. All your performance data is stored on this platform and accordingly, badges are also awarded which are useful in job profiles.

HackerRank organizes various programming competitions such as: 
Hour Rank - In an hour you have to solve 3-4 problems. 
Week of Code - Lasts a week, each day a new problem has to be solved. 
Hack 101 - Happens once a month, 5 problems to be solved in two hours.

03. HackerEarth


HackerEarth is an Indian company like CodeChef which mainly focuses on competitive programming and recruitment challenges. The platform supports over 35 languages for coding so that you can write code in your preferred language. Apart from this, More than 8000 questions, 2000+ coding challenges, and 1000+ hackathons are available on this website. It has a community of over 3 million developers.

Apart from programming challenges, you can prepare for programming interviews. You can practice problems on this website to get an in-depth understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, Python, Machine Learning. This website is one of the best competitive programming websites.



CodeChef is an Indian competitive programming website that offers a lot of challenges to solve through various online competitions. Plus there are more challenges to practice, the level of which is very good. CodeChef hosts a programming contest at the beginning of every month and 2 smaller programming contests at the middle and end of the month. Like all other websites here, you can submit your solution in any programming language.

Here you get points for solving the problem that tells your character the star. There are various coding contests on Codechef where you can showcase your programming skills like monthly programming contests, cook-offs and lunchtime coding contests. It has over 1,250,000+ programmers from 12,000 institutions.

05. LeetCode


LeetCode is a good and popular platform that keeps on providing you with many different coding challenges to solve to enhance your coding skills. It organizes various weekly and bi-weekly programming contests for the participants. Contests are usually 90 minutes in duration. Also here are all the popular programming languages in which you can write your code.

On this website, Points are awarded and ranking is obtained for solving the problem. Many companies also give jobs to coders from here. If you want to study the technicalities of coding or want to study algorithms then their tutorials are available. The special thing about this website is that you can also see the codes of other coders.

06. SPOJ


SPOJ (Sphere Online Judge) is an online judge system as we can understand from its name. This website is not like other websites but you can face challenges and participate similarly to other platforms.

There is more than 351k user register here. There are over twenty thousand programming problems on this website, which you can answer in over forty-five programming languages. There is a wide variety of questions here such as:
Classical: These are binary-scored problems. Either Accepted or Wrong answer[citation needed]
Challenge: These allow users to submit worse or better solutions. There are no definite answers to a particular problem
Partial: These are similar to challenge problems but with an educational purpose
Tutorial: Like classical problems but easier, these are for educational purposes - for example involving a widely known algorithm
Riddle: Problems that contains puzzles

07. CoderByte


Coderbyte is also a good platform for programming enthusiasts, it has more than 200 programming questions. You can also answer them online. On this website, you will find more than eight programming languages ​​in which you can write code.

Apart from this, if you want to learn the concepts of programming from here, you can learn because here tutorials of Programming languages ​​are also available. Like LeetCode and geeksforgeeks, you can see other users' code in the comment box.



GeeksForGeeks is also an Indian website that provides blogs, tutorials, exercises, and competitive coding. Now they also offer premium services but free content is much more valuable. Here you can practice online as they have online IDE. Apart from this, this website helps in interview preparation.

It has an extensive collection of questions ranging variety of topics. On this website, you will get in-depth tutorials and quizzes along with exercises in Data Structures and Algorithms, Machine Learning, Web Development.

This website organizes a competitive contest for coders from time to time and also helps them to get a job.

09. Exercism


Exercism for Competitive Programming Challenge website is a great website that offers over 3100 challenges. There are more than 50 programming languages ​​on this website, you can also find them all on the homepage of this website.

It is an open-source website based on donations from developers around the world. So you can enjoy all the features as it is free. In addition, if you think you are capable, you can also contribute useful exercises to the community that will improve your programming skills and more.

This website has more than 230K users from 200 countries, with more than 1.4M submissions. It has more than 2.5K mentors and more than 3.6K, contributors.

10. CodeWars


CodeWars offers a great collection of coding challenges presented and edited by its community. You can solve challenges online directly in their editor using 20+ programming languages. Codevars are a great platform for people in the beginner-to-intermediate stage.

You can earn points and gain rankings by solving challenges. On this site, the ranking will be calculated according to a point called Q, and depending on the level of the problem you solve, the score will be higher or lower. After you find a method for a problem, you can compare other people's answers. You can see a discussion for each challenge as well as useful solutions.

11. CodinGame


CodinGame is a bit different from other competing programming websites because here you write the code for a game. Instead of just solving coding challenges in an editor, you actually get into writing the code for the games you play directly online.

The game comes with a proper problem description and test cases. This website also has an online code editor where you can write your code in more than 20+ programming languages.

Very few people know about this website but it is known to those programmers who enjoy competitive programming, solving challenges and participating in competitions. So you can learn a lot from this website too, and you can improve your coding skills.

12. CodingBat


CodingBat is a free website that currently supports only Java and Python. It mainly focuses on coding problems. CodingBat is all about building and practicing small code problems. The number of problems in each area is huge, so you can repeat and strengthen your code skills in that area.

It does not currently offer competitive programming contests but it is a great option for beginners to learn and practice Java and Python.

13. FreeCodeCamp


FreeCodeCamp is a learning-based platform where you can learn Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Visualization and Web API. It also has an interview preparation section. A separate section for news, which is very helpful to know about technology and programming.

The concept of tutorials has been understood through practice on this website, which is a very good thing to learn. We will definitely suggest this website for beginners. After finishing any course, they give some challenges in the end. After completing those challenges a certificate is provided to you.