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25+ ExpressJs Interview Questions


ExpressJs Interview Questions:

  1. What is Express.js?
  2. What is Middleware in Express.js? What are the different types of Middleware?
  3. Which template engines do Express support?
  4. How can we render a pain HTML?
  5. How can you deal with error handling in Express.js? Explain with an example.
  6. Write the code to start serving static files in Express.js.
  7. How does dynamic routing works in express.js?
  8. How to enable debugging in the express app?
  9. Serving static files in Express.js?
  10. What are some distinctive features of Express?
  11. How can you allow CORS in Express.js?
  12. How can you enable debugging in the Express.js app?
  13. What is the difference between Express.js and Node.js?
  14. Write a code to get a post query in Express.js.
  15. What does an Express code look like?
  16. What is meant by an event-loop in Node JS?
  17. Is Express.js front-end or back-end framework?
  18. Why do we use Express.js?
  19. What is routing and how routing works in Express.js?
  20. What do you understand by Scaffolding in Express.js?
  21. What is Scaffolding in Express.js?
  22. Do Other MVC frameworks also support scaffolding?
  23. Which are the arguments available to an Express JS route handler function?
  24. What is the difference between Express and Django?
  25. Error handling in Express.js?
  26. Database integration in express.js?