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This is the official blog of the Rustcode youtube channel. Web technology is constantly changing and growing. Here we will blog about all those changes, information and tips that are new and relevant to our readers.

Initially, this blog was started only to put our youtube channel source code, but later we realized that new people starting web development or programming face problems and bugs every day as we also face them. Programming is a time-consuming process, whether it is finding bugs in the code or adding some animations to the website or creating responsive website components or designing complex websites.

There are many online tools and websites in the market that can save time and make the development process easier and faster. Therefore the online tools and websites that we are aware of should be shared with our users. You can check out the Resources section to learn about online tools and websites.

Well, We want to be completely transparent when it comes to this blog. That is why we want to tell you the main reason why we started the blog. We want to be honest with our users, trying to do everything with transparency. We also benefit from this blog and we also earn some money. However, you can find out from the user interface how much we pay attention to advertising and how clean the content on our website is.

Forget about the money, let's talk about the niche of this blog. We'll talk about website development. In the online world, there are many websites that provide tutorials on website development but they do not provide enough clarity about tools, resources, and minor programming problems, we want to fill this gap. Also, we will share some tips for bloggers and honest reviews of some online products or websites.

The main aim of this blog is to share our knowledge and experience about web development, HTML, CSS, javascript, and web tools. We also post some interesting tips, tricks, and tutorials related to blogger widgets and web development. We also share some most useful resources to design and develop better websites these are all Hand-Picked by Team. You can follow us on social media because

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