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30+ ReactJs Interview Questions


ReactJS Interview Questions:

  1. What is React js
  2. What is difference between virtual dom and shallow dom, dom in React js
  3. What is controlled and uncontrolled component in React js
  4. What is hooks in React js
  5. What is jsx, babel, webpack
  6. What is Redux
  7. What is reducer, action, store in Redux
  8. What is middleware in Redux
  9. Explain data flow in Redux
  10. What is Redux-Thunk
  11. What is Redux-Saga, Difference between Redux-thunk and Redux-saga
  12. Difference between class component and function component
  13. How can we implement componentWillUnmount in function component
  14. useEffect,UseState, useMemo.useCallback hooks in Details
  15. Explain lifecycle method in React js
  16. What is difference between export default and export in React js
  17. What is portal in React js
  18. What is reconciliation in React js
  19. What is useRef in React js
  20. What is server side render in React js
  21. What is useStrict in React js
  22. What is fragment in React js
  23. What is react router in React js
  24. What is node module in React js
  25. What is the default localhost server port in react js.
  26. how can we change the local server port
  27. What is high order component in React js
  28. What is pure component in React js
  29. What is difference state and props in React js
  30. How to optimize React js app
  31. What is difference between React js and Angular js
  32. What is prop drilling in React js how to overcome it
  33. What is context api in React js
  34. What is super, constructor, render function in React js