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26+ Accordion Elementary Design Collection


The accordion component is very essential and useful part of every website because a lot of animation and options are provided through this animation only.

You can see the accordion concept is very useful for e-commerce websites and service-provided companies because they have more functionality and FAQ sections also. Apart from this, they have complete information about the product on a single page. All this is effectively possible because of accordion functionality. For every beginner, it is a very essential project.

You can design this animation with the help of HTML and CSS only but for easy implementation, we can use javascript, jquery, and some frameworks like bootstrap, foundation, tailwind, etc.

As you know we collect resources for a frontend developer publish them, you can check out the playlist, the link is below:


01. FAQ Accordion Design

02. Simple FAQ Accordion Design

See the Pen ACCORDION by Yaya Mohamed (@yaya-dev) on CodePen.

03. Accordion Design

See the Pen FAQ by Anup Kumar (@baahubali92) on CodePen.

04. Accordion Section Design

05. FAQ Items

See the Pen FAQ Items Page with Bootstrap by Alireza Derakhshan (@alirezadraa) on CodePen.

06. FAQ Section

See the Pen Faq simple without javascript by Lucas Fernando (@lucasfernandodev) on CodePen.

07. CSS Responsive Animated Accordion

08. Bootstrap Accordion

09. Accordion Element (Only HTML, CSS)

See the Pen CSS + HTML only Accordion Element by Alex Bergin (@abergin) on CodePen.

10. Multi-level Accordion

See the Pen Multi-level Accordion by Ryan Bobrowski (@rbobrowski) on CodePen.

11. Menu Accordion Design

12. Hamburger Slide Accordion Menu

See the Pen hamburger slide accordion menu by Anya Melnyk (@slyka85) on CodePen.

13. Unique Accordion Design

See the Pen Unique Accordion Design by Srdjan Pajdic (@MightyShaban) on CodePen.

14. FAQ Accordion Design

See the Pen FAQ by Katherine Kato (@kathykato) on CodePen.

15. Accordion With Pagination

See the Pen Accordion with pagination by chris maki (@chrisMaki) on CodePen.

16. Accordion Challenge

See the Pen Accordion Challenge by Monica Wheeler (@frogmcw) on CodePen.

17. FAQ Tabs And Accordions

18. Accordion With Arrow

19. Bootstrap Accordion FAQ

See the Pen Bootstrap Accordion FAQ by John Fink (@johnfinkdesign) on CodePen.

20. Accordion Component

See the Pen Accordion Component - JS by Ayoub Mkira (@kira-code) on CodePen.

21. Accordion FAQ with hide And show option

22. Simple Accordion Design

See the Pen Simple accordion 🔥 by @darryncodes (@darryncodes) on CodePen.

23. Simple Accordion With jQuery HTML CSS

See the Pen Simple Accordion With jQuery HTML CSS by La Văn Thanh (@AnhSieuNhan) on CodePen.

24. FAQ Accordion Design

See the Pen FAQ Accordion by Anna (@anna_albirena) on CodePen.

25. Simple FAQ Accordion

See the Pen Accordion by Minh Nguyen (@thrgsmypny) on CodePen.

26. Plain Accordion

See the Pen Plain Accordion by Sardor4ikdev (@sardor4ikdev) on CodePen.

27. Accordion Neumorphism Design

See the Pen Accordion Neumorphism Design - Bootstrap 5 by JellyPir.@t Coding (@psyloute) on CodePen.