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05+ Important Chrome Extensions For Graphics Designers | Rustcode


If you are a web designer or graphics designer and are looking for some chrome extensions that can save you time and increase your productivity then you are at the right place. 

Chrome is the most popular browser so here we will discuss only google chrome extensions. As a graphics designer, we face many problems that are time-consuming and reduce our productivity. Some problems are as follows: Find out the font type, color plate of a website. Dummy text generation, image export in SVG format etc.


If we stop wasting this kind of time, then we can devote all our attention to our work and can be a productive person. So let's start without any further delay.

1. WhatFont


Let's start with a font extension that will give you complete information about the font (eg: size, weight etc.) of any website. The name of that extension is "WhatsFont". This extension helps identify which font has been used on the website, what is the font size, how much does the font weight, etc. To use this extension, you have to click on the extension button and click on the element whose font you want to know. As you can see in the image. This is free of cost.

2. Image Downloader


"Image Downloader" is a very useful Chrome browser extension for graphic designers because it shows all images on a web page and permits the user to choose which ones to download.


3. Corporate Ipsum


As for graphics designers or web designers, we need dummy paragraphs, word generators so that the client can change that dummy text according to the requirement. So here it also has a Chrome extension called "Corporate Ipsom". As you can see in the image how it works.


4. SVG Export


When we are working online we find a lot of websites that have very well designed images and we want to export them in JPEG, PNG and SVG format. Here is a Chrome extension that is "SVG Export" and it can export images of websites according to your required format.


5. ColorPick Eyedropper


Sometimes we want to know the color code of a website or image or background pictures, then this Chrome extension will be very useful for you. This is an extension called "ColorPick Eyedropper" which is used to take colors from websites, pictures etc. This tool has a magnifying color picker, which allows you to choose the exact color you want to choose.


6. GoFullPage


When we are learning something online and an informative web page is found. We want to save this whole page for the future then you can use the "Full Page Screen Capture" Chrome extension. It can take a screenshot of the entire web page.


We try to provide you the best content, if there is any mistake in this article or there is any chrome extension which we have not added in this article, then let us know.