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25+ MongoDB Interview Questions


MongoDB Interview Questions:

  1. What are Indexes in MongoDB?
  2. Which are the different languages supported by MongoDB?
  3. What are some of the advantages of MongoDB?
  4. What is a Document in MongoDB?
  5. What is the Aggregation Framework in MongoDB?
  6. Explain the concept of pipeline in the MongoDB aggregation framework.
  7. What is a Replica Set in MongoDB?
  8. How to perform queries in MongoDB?
  9. How do you Delete a Document?
  10. Is there an "upsert" option in the MongoDB insert command?
  11. How can you achieve primary key - foreign key relationships in MongoDB?
  12. When should we embed one document within another in MongoDB?
  13. What do you mean by Transactions?
  14. What is Replication in MongoDB?
  15. How many indexes does MongoDB create by default for a new collection?
  16. Explain the limitations of MongoDB Transactions.
  17. When to use MongoDB?
  18. What are MongoDB Charts?
  19. What are Geospatial Indexes in MongoDB?
  20. Explain the SET Modifier in MongoDB?
  21. Explain the process of Sharding.
  22. How to add data in MongoDB?
  23. How do you Update a Document?
  24. What are the data types in MongoDB?
  25. What is "Namespace" in MongoDB?
  26. How is Querying done in MongoDB?