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35+ Preloaders For Website


1. Preloader For Website

See the Pen loader by jaun (@nasirmarco007) on CodePen.

2. Rocket Preloader

See the Pen preloader by milad shiriyan (@mxworld) on CodePen.

3. Preloader Animated blocks

See the Pen Preloader Animated blocks by Gabriel Toledo (@gatoledo1) on CodePen.

4. LinkedIn Preloader

See the Pen LinkedIn Preloader by Sanchit (@sanchit0496) on CodePen.

5. logo preloader css

See the Pen logo preloader css by milad shiriyan (@mxworld) on CodePen.

6. CSS keyframes loader

See the Pen CSS keyframes loader by San Lamamba (@lamambaSan) on CodePen.

7. Loader Circle

See the Pen Loader by Dulon (@Dulon95) on CodePen.

8. Neumorphic Preloader

See the Pen Neumorphic Preloader by Satyam Kumar (@Anon_satyam) on CodePen.

9. 3d cube loader

See the Pen 3d cube by Sruthil (@sruthil) on CodePen.

10. Skateboard Preloader

See the Pen Skateboard Preloader by Pedro (@PedroFSD) on CodePen.

11. CSS loader

See the Pen CSS loader #05 by Md Imran Hossain (@sepimran) on CodePen.

12. Shimmer Effect

See the Pen Shimmer Effect (Dark-Light) by Andrea Maranesi (@UniverseTecHnologic) on CodePen.

13. Preloader For Website

See the Pen preloader by ayush617 (@ayush617) on CodePen.

14. Processing/Loading Screen

See the Pen processing/Loading Screen by hariraj (@Ghariraj) on CodePen.

15. Preloader Animate

See the Pen Preloader Animate by Gabriel Toledo (@gatoledo1) on CodePen.

16. Preloader CSS Animation

See the Pen preloader_css_animation by Martichka (@Marticka) on CodePen.

17. SCSS Dot Preloader

See the Pen SCSS Dot Preloader by Animated Creativity (@animatedcreativity) on CodePen.

18. Preloader Animation

See the Pen Preloader animation by Eslam (@Eslam_Refa3y) on CodePen.

19. Preloader Football Edition

See the Pen Preloader (Football Edition) by Deyan Bozhilov (@dodobrat) on CodePen.

20. Preloader Animation Blocks

21. DNA page loader

See the Pen DNA page loader by Konstantin (@kvibr) on CodePen.

22. Simple Preloader

23. Scrolling Bars Loader

See the Pen Scrolling Bars Loader by Paul Barker (@paulhbarker) on CodePen.

24. Kinetic CSS Loader

See the Pen Kinetic CSS Loader by Calvin Roberts (@cjr85) on CodePen.

25. Tetradic Color Loading

See the Pen Tetradic Color Loading by Yoann (@yoann-b) on CodePen.

26. Poor Ball In Same Box Again

See the Pen Poor ball in same box again! by Ponycorn (@ponycorn) on CodePen.

27. Amazing PreLoader

See the Pen Amazing Loader..... by Sameer Tsuzuki (@sameer-1069) on CodePen.

28. Square Dot PreLoader

See the Pen Square Dot Loader by Adam Glasser (@adamglasser) on CodePen.

29. Heart PreLoader

See the Pen Heart Loader by RosemaryLy (@rosemaryly) on CodePen.

29. Hypnotic Preloader

See the Pen Hypnotic Loader by P (@petegarvin1) on CodePen.

30. Tri Color Preloader

See the Pen Spinner by Ivan Seredkin (@siropkin) on CodePen.

31. Dynamic skeleton loader

See the Pen Dynamic skeleton loader by Flavio (@giskard993) on CodePen.

32. Preloader

See the Pen Preloader by Rohith kumar (@rohithkumar2095) on CodePen.

33. PreLoader Desafío

See the Pen Loader Desafío by Lucas Maidana (@LucasMaidana) on CodePen.

34. Bars Block Loader

See the Pen Bars Block Loader by Ben Brookes (@brookesb91) on CodePen.

35. Argentina Loader

See the Pen Argentina Loader by Agus (@agus-zc) on CodePen.

36.Torus Preloader

See the Pen Torus Loader by Kasper De Bruyne (@kdbkapsere) on CodePen.

37. Turning Book Pages Spinner

See the Pen turning book pages spinner by luisini magigi (@luisiniMagigi) on CodePen.