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Nextjs CLI

Next.js - CLI

  • next dev: Starts the Next.js development server, allowing you to work on your project locally with hot module reloading.
  • next build: Builds the production-ready version of your Next.js application, optimizing assets and creating static HTML files.
  • next start: Starts the production server to serve the built Next.js application, suitable for deploying to a hosting provider.
  • next export: Generates a static version of your Next.js application, suitable for hosting on static file hosts or CDNs.
  • next -v or next --version: Displays the version of Next.js CLI installed.
  • next -h or next --help: Displays the help menu with available commands and options.

1. Starting Development Server

  • Run next dev command in your Next.js project directory to start the development server.
  • This command enables hot module reloading, allowing you to see changes in real-time as you develop.

2. Building Production Version

  • Execute next build command to create the optimized production build of your Next.js application.
  • This command bundles your application files, optimizes assets, and prepares static HTML files for rendering.

3. Starting Production Server

  • After building your application with next build, use next start command to start the production server.
  • This command serves the built Next.js application, making it ready for deployment to a hosting provider.

4. Exporting Static Version

  • To generate a static version of your Next.js application, run next export command.
  • This command creates static HTML files for each page, suitable for hosting on static file hosts or CDNs.

5. Viewing Version and Help

  • Use next -v or next --version to check the installed version of Next.js CLI.
  • For help with available commands and options, use next -h or next --help.


The Next.js CLI provides essential commands for developing, building, and deploying Next.js applications. By mastering these commands, developers can efficiently manage their projects, streamline the development process, and deploy high-quality applications with ease.